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 ==== FusionDirectory Developper Documentation ==== ==== FusionDirectory Developper Documentation ====
-The developer manual on https://​fusiondirectory-developer-documentation.readthedocs.io/​en/​latest/+The developer manual on [[https://​fusiondirectory-developer-documentation.readthedocs.io/​en/​latest|FusionDirectory Documentation]]
 ==== Argonaut developer documentation ==== ==== Argonaut developer documentation ====
-Follow this [[https://​documentation.argonaut-project.org/​start|link]]+The developer manual on [[https://​documentation.argonaut-project.org/​start|Argonaut Documentation]]
 +Explain how to contribute to FusionDirectory and Argonaut
-show all you need to know to contributing to FusionDirectory and Argonaut¬†+:-D Welcome on board and Thank you ! :-D
- +
-Welcome on board and Thank you !+
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