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How to contribute ?

The project is looking for different skills and help. If you're interested in one of the following tasks please :

  • Send us an email at contact at fusiondirectory.org.
  • Go to irc #fusiondirectory on freenode and tell us you want to help.
  • Subscribe to the users, documentation or developpers mailing list here Mailing lists

Translation of the documentation

We try to have FusionDirectory Documentation translated in many languages. For now English, French, Italian are in good shape.

We need help for Spanish, dutch, german

  • Get an account has mentionned above :)
  • Connect to http://documentation.fusiondirectory.org and start translating
  • The english version is the reference language that help translate in the other languages
  • As we use the dokuwiki namespace each new article need to be prefixed by the language its destinated ex:
     [[en:this_is_a_test:This is a test]]
  • Report wrong or erroneous documentation here : FusionDirectory BugTracker

Translating of FusionDirectory

We are using transifex to translate FusionDirectory.

Testing FusionDirectory

Help for FusionDirectory testing

  • Install FusionDirectory on various distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, Centos, opensuse, mageia …)
  • Test each of the plugins
  • Report bugs here

For FusionDirectory core

FusionDirectory BugTracker

For FusionDirectory plugins :

ex : mail, samba, dhcp, dns, sudo etc…

FusionDirectory Plugins BugTracker

For Argonaut Deployment system :

Argonaut BugTracker

Thank you !

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