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List of available plugin with associated documentation

Name Description Link to Documentation Category need schema (conf/ldap)
Argonaut Communication layer between various software and the JSON-RPC Argonaut Server Argonaut plugin System Management Ldap
Autofs Management of automount entries Autofs plugin Service Ldap
Debconf Management of debconf profile for Debian installations Deployment Ldap
DHCP DHCP service management DHCP plugin Service Ldap
DNS DNS service management DNS plugin Service Ldap
FAI Linux system deployment management FAI plugin Deployment Ldap
Freeradius Manage users and groups for a freeradius server Freeradius plugin Service Ldap
FusionInventory Fusioninventory inventory Management FusionInventory plugin Addons Conf
Netgroups Nis Netgroups account management Netgroups plugin Service Conf
Opsi Opsi deployment management for Windows clients Opsi plugin Deployment Both
Posix Management of posix attributes User Management ldap
Postfix Management of postfix transport maps etc. postfix plugin mail Management ldap
Ppolicy Manage password policies Ppolicy plugin User Management Both
Quota Plugin for storing filesystem quota per user inside LDAP tree Quota plugin Service Ldap
Repository Plugin to manage repository for build systems Repository plugin Addon Ldap
Samba Samba 3 integration Samba plugin Service Conf
spamassassin Management of spamassassin rules for user and global spamassasin mail Management ldap
Sudo Sudo manager Sudo plugin Service Both
Sympa Management of alias list of sympa Sympa plugin Mail Ldap
Systems System management base plugin Systems plugin System Management Both
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