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How to write a bug report

Writing a Bug Report For FusionDirectory

When you find an error or a faulty behavior in FusionDirectory, here’s what to do:

  1. Go into the configuration, activate the displaying of PHP errors, and the TRACE debug level
  2. Do the same thing you did to get the problem and screenshot or copy all PHP errors with their traces, or the traces of the FD errors you encounter. (If there are too many, only the first one, it’s usually the root of the problem)
  3. Open a ticket on FusionDirectory Forge
  4. Take notes of what you did and explain it clearly in the ticket
  5. Set a clear title which summaries the problem. For instance: «I can’t create a user with the same name as a group»
  6. Keep in mind that we don’t know your setup, so explain which plugin you have installed that might have a role in the problem. If the problem is linked to a specific LDAP entry, attach its LDAP dump.
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