How to setup Rolemanagement plugin

The Rolemanagement plugin provides management for organizational roles in your infrastructures.

Install required packages


apt-get install fusiondirectory-plugin-rolemanagement

rpm: <TODO>

rpm user, please edit

How to use the rolemanagement plugin

In your FusionDirectory web interface you have now, in the “Administration” section, a new tab and a new icon called “Roles” that you can use to manage organizational roles in your infrastructure :

when you click on Rolemanagement tab or icon, you can see a list of roles:

Add a Role

Click on Actions –> Create –> Roles :

A new dialog is opened, fill at least the required information:


  • Name: (required) Name of the role.
  • Description: Description of the role.
  • Base: Object base.
  • Phone number: Telephone number.
  • Fax number: Fax number.
  • Users: Add users for the role.

When you have finished click on Save, so you can see your new role in the list of roles:

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