How to setup the Argonaut plugin


Argonaut plugin use fopen for network purposes so it must be enabled in php.ini

Install required plugin packages

We assume that FusionDirectory is installed in the same server of the ldap directory. We assume also that we will install Argonaut server in the same server of FusionDirectory.


root@fd-server:~# apt-get install fusiondirectory-plugin-argonaut fusiondirectory-plugin-argonaut-schema

rpm <TODO>

rpm user, please edit

Include required schema file


root@fd-server:~# fusiondirectory-insert-schema -i /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/argonaut-fd.schema
root@fd-server:~# service slapd restart

rpm <TODO>

rpm user, please edit

Add argonaut server service to a system in fusiondirectory interface

In our exemple the argonaut server service is in fd-server with IP address .

1. If not already done, create a new server in fusiondirectory.See how to setup the systems-plugin.

2. Click on the fd-server:

3. Click on Services:

4. Create Argonaut Service with 'Actions –> Create –> Argonaut Server':

5. Fill the configuration informations and then click “Save”:

Argonaut server

  • Delete finished tasks : Whether or not argonaut server should delete successfully finished tasks.
  • Get packages informations : Download the package from repositories at argonaut-server start and one time a day (mandatory to create FAI package list).
  • Protocol : Protocol to use, either http or https. See SSL section below for https.
  • Port : Port on which the argonaut server will be listening.
  • Timeout : Time in seconds before to consider an argonaut client or server as down.
  • Log directory : Directory in which argonaut will store its log.

Wake on lan

  • Interface : Interface to use for sending WakeOnLan requests.
  • IP tool : IP tool to use.


  • Key : Path to the SSL key to use for argonaut-server
  • Certificate : Path to the certificate
  • CA Certificate : Path to the CA
  • CN of the certificate : This needs to match the CN in the certificate for connection to work

Note that all these paths are on the system running argonaut-server, and that for FD to be able to contact argonaut-server through SSL you also need to fill CA certificate path in FD configuration screen. That is what it will use to validate the argonaut-server certificate. Also note that if you used an intermediate certificate to sign your server certificate, it needs to be in the file pointed by the CA certificate path. The root CA only won’t be enough in this case.

6. Click “Ok”:

7. If you want to test that argonaut server is running and operates well, you can click in reload icons next to “Argonaut Server” to get his status:

8. if all goes well, a light bulb will appear in the box before “Argonaut Server”, and a set of actions too (stop, restart, edit service, remove service):

Otherwise an error message window appears and you can also take a look at logs file in /etc/log/argonaut folder.

9. Now, in services tab, you can see argonaut icons too:

Argonaut component installation

For all Argonaut component installation just refer to the argonaut-project documentation

Argonaut Documentation

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