Configure Password recovery

FusionDirectory has a password recovery fonction.

  • If the Mail plugin is installed it can use the mail attribute
  • If the Personal plugin is installed it can use the fdPrivateMail
  • If the Supann plugin is installed it can use the supannMailPerso

In the login window of the user's connection, you will find the option “I forgot my password”.

This option allows your users to generate a new password.

If you click on “I forgot my password” now, the following window appears :

To activate the recovery of the password, the administrator must set it up.


Connect as administrator and in Addons section of main windows click on tab or icon “Password recovery” :

In the next windows click on “Edit” :

To activate password recovery you must check the box next to “Activate password recovery”, when you've finished you can click on “Ok”:

Password recovery settings

  • Activate password recovery : Weither to activate or not password recovery feature.
  • Sender email address : Email address from which mails will be sent.
  • Link validity (minutes) : Number of minutes before a recovery link expires.
  • Salt for tokens : Just a security measure, you can put anything in there, even random characters.
  • Allow the use of alternate addresses : Users will also be able to enter one of theirs alternate addresses to recover their password.

First email

  • Subject : Subject of the first email.
  • Body (first %s is login, second is link) : Body of the first email, sent when the user ask for a new password. Use %s for the login and the recovery link.

Second email

  • Subject : Subject of the second email.
  • Body (%s is login) : Body of the second email, sent to confirm the password has been changed. Use %s for the user login.

Use it

Now your users can be able to use password recovery. When they will click on “I forgot my password” this windows will appear :

They will enter their full e-mail address and after click on “Change”.

A message like this will appear on the screen :

informing your user of sending an e-mail to his address, with a link to change his password.

Your user will receive a mail like this :

[FusionDirectory] Password recovery link

Here are your informations : 
 - Login : tototot
 - Link :

This link is only valid for 10 minutes.

When user will browse to the link sending him by e-mail, a message like this will appear on the screen :

Now the user need to fill the required new password and then click on “Change”. A confirmation email is sent to his mailbox :

[FusionDirectory] Password Changed recovery successful

Your password has been changed.
Your login is still tototot.

and the following screen will appear in his web browser :

he just click on “Return to login screen” to connect with his new password.

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