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FusionDirectory Dashboard

Starting from version 1.0.5, all the FD configuration about the plugin is stored inside the ldap, in configs branch.

If you need to modify something, you can access to FD configuration of the plugin by the 'Configuration' icon or entry in the 'Addons' section of the main page of FD GUI:

Access to configuration is read-only. If you need to make changes, then you must press the 'Edit' button at the bottom right of the window.

In Plugins tab you will find the block highlighted in red, which is related to the configuration of the Board plugin.

Board name schema

It is the formated rule in order to suggest next unused PC ids:

  • Number of digits: Defines the number of digit (default value is 3).
  • Prefixes: (required) Defines the several prefix of pc Ids (default value is 'PC').

Board expired users

  • Number of days: It is the number of days to analyze the next expiring accounts ( 15 by default).

Read dashboard informations

Click on dashboard

When you click on dashboard you have an overview of your infrastructure

See the informations of your users

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