Migrate FusionDirectory from 1.1.1 to 1.2

New Depot Configuration

:!: The repositories have been cleaned and reorganized please update your configuration accordingly :!:

Downloading from Repositories

:!: the gpg keys for FusionDirectory and Argonaut have been renewed so you need to install the new keys for the packages to install correctly :!:

Getting the official GPG keys to active package signature

Upgrade schema2ldif

For Jessie distribution add extra repository

# fusiondirectory debian-extra repository
deb http://repos.fusiondirectory.org/fusiondirectory-extra/debian-jessie jessie main

Update the package list and upgrade schema2ldif

apt-get update
apt-get install schema2ldif

Upgrade FusionDirectory first

Upgrade FusionDirectory core package before other ones to avoid dependencies errors:

apt-get install fusiondirectory

Upgrade FusionDirectory schema package too.

apt-get install fusiondirectory-schema

Upgrade of LDAP directory

Upgrade core schema of FusionDirectory

fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/core-fd.schema

if you are using the renater plugin you have to add its new schema

fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/renater-partage-fd.schema

if you are using the sympa plugin you have to update its schema

fusiondirectory-insert-schema -i /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/sympa-fd-conf.schema
fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/sympa-fd.schema

In case you use system template that have a DNS tab, you need to remake it because the separator “|” is changed to “^”

Enjoy :)

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