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Articles of Association FusionDirectory


Article 1: Establishment and name

It is constituted under the law of 1st July 1901, between those who adhere to these rules and will be regularly admitted, an association called “FusionDirectory”

Article 2:

The association is to:

  • The development, promotion, presentation FusionDirectory free software and associated software
  • The Federation of users FusionDirectory
  • Help to discover, use and improvement of free software FusionDirectory

English version is:

Goal Association are

  • Development, promotion, and Presentation of free software and associated software FusionDirectory
  • Federation of users of FusionDirectory
  • Help on discovering, using and Improving of free software FusionDirectory

Article 3 Headquarters

Headquartered in the Rhône department. It will be fixed in any decision of the department by the office. It may be transferred at any time by decision of the office.

Association is registered in France Rhône department. It can be fixed in any place

Article 4: Policy

The association will implement the most extensive in order to achieve its objectives legal means. The means of action of the association include:

  • Publication and sharing of information by the expression technologies, information and communication
  • Publications, meetings, conferences, meetings
  • Participation in events and exhibitions and organization
  • Raising awareness of the public administrations, companies or associations
  • Introductions and enhancements on any subject related to the purpose of the association,
  • Federation members on topics and projects related to the objectives of the association
  • The occasional sale of all products within the scope of its objects or may contribute to their achievement
  • Any initiative that can help to achieve the objects of the association.


Method of Action:

Methods shoulds be:

  • Publishing and sharing of information about information
  • Meetings, conferences for working
  • Involvement in big meeting (or establishment of 'em)
  • Actions like public demonstration for association firm, or public administration
  • People meeting around FusionDirectory
  • Selling of derivative product like T-shirt

Article 5: Duration of the association

The duration of the Association is unlimited.


Article 6: Composition of the association

The association consists of honorary members and active members.

  • Honorary members are individuals. They are appointed by the Board for services rendered to the Association. They are exempt from paying the annual fee. The status of honorary member shall be automatically renewed, unless otherwise advised by a member or office. Honorary members may attend the General Assembly without a vote.
  • Assets physical and legal members pay a minimum fee set by the General Assembly. They are members of the General Assembly with voting.
  • Minors may be active members of the association when they are provided with the consent of their legal representatives.

The rules will expand the list of members, set the terms of membership, roles and powers of the members, set the amount of contributions

Article 7: Admission and membership

Freedom of association, constitutional principle implies the right of everyone to join an association, and, correspondingly, the ability of any organization to choose its members. To apply for membership in the association must approve these bylaws and any rules and pay a fee.

Article 8: Loss of membership

Membership is lost by:

  • Death for individuals and disappearance, liquidation or merger if it is a corporation, the resignation in writing to the president of the association
  • Non-payment of dues within six months after the anniversary date of accession and recovery was unsuccessful
  • Exclusion pronounced by the Office for failure to comply with this constitution or by-laws or for any other reason detrimental to the moral and material interests of the association.

In case of exclusion, if desired, the expelled member may be heard by the office and call.


Article 9: General Meetings

The members meet in general assembly for the following occasions:

  • Once a year in ordinary general meeting
  • On request from the office to the majority of its members,
  • The collective request of two thirds of the assets of paid up members to the Chair.

A general meeting may amend the articles of association proposed by the office.

Article 9.1 Convocation

The notices must be made by email to the mailing list members. They are sent at least eight days in advance and indicate the order of the day.

Article 9.2: Composition of the General Assembly

All members can participate in the general meeting. An active member of paid up may be represented by another active member to date of contribution.

Article 9.3: Vote

To be eligible to vote, members must meet the following conditions:

  • Be an active member and paid their dues,
  • Members with voting rights of the association may be represented by another member, this member entitled to vote may not be a maximum of two terms of representation.
  • A corporation must be represented by a person belonging to the entity identified by the corporation.
  • A corporation has only one voice

On modalities of votes:

  • Decisions are taken by a majority (more than 50% of votes) of the members present and voting represented;
  • Decisions are made of hands
  • The minimum quorum for a vote must be 2/3 the number of members to date of contribution.
  • If the quorum is not reached the vote was postponed. During the transfer, the minimum quorum is not required

Article 9.4: Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting, after deliberation, decide on the moral or activity report and financial statements for the fiscal year. It performs the allocation of income.

  • It provides for the appointment or renewal of the office.
  • It sets the minimum amount of the annual fee.
  • It discusses future directions and sets the budget.
  • More generally, it addresses all the issues brought to the agenda.

Article 9.5: Extraordinary General Meeting

The general meeting deliberates exclusively on matters brought to its agenda.

Section 10: Office

Each year, the General Assembly elects the office, composed of at least:

  • A (e) e President chairing,
  • (On) a secretary who provides the secretariat,
  • A (e) Treasurer (behind), which provides cash.

The composition may be supplemented by the rules. In case of holidays, a member appointed by the rest of the office will provide the necessary substitutions. The office prepares general meetings and decides on actions of the association

Article 10.1: The Presidency

The Presidency is responsible for implementing the decisions of the office and ensure the proper functioning of the association.

  • The president represents the association in all acts of civil life. In particular, standing in court as a defendant on behalf of the association.
  • The Chair shall convene general meetings and office. She presides over all meetings. In case of absence or illness, it is replaced by another board member.

In cooperation with the cash:

  • It opens and operates on behalf of the Association, from any bank or credit institution, any deposit account or current account;
  • It creates, sign, accept, endorse and pay all checks and transfer order for the operation of accounts.
  • It may delegate to another member of the Board certain powers set out above. Unless otherwise justified, it delegates those provided for in these statutes and rules of procedure.

Article 10.2: The secretariat

The secretariat is responsible for all matters relating to correspondence and archives. He writes the minutes of meetings, assemblies and office, all writings concerning the operation of the association, except those relating to accounting. He holds the special register provided for in Article 5 of the Law of 1 July 1901. It provides the formalities prescribed by those articles.

Article 10.3: The cash

Cash is responsible for managing the accounts of the association collects revenue, makes payments, under the control of the presidency. She is a regular accounting of all transactions and reports to the General Meeting decides on the management.

Article 11: Remuneration

The duties of officers are volunteers. Expenses incurred in the office will be reimbursed on production of proof. The financial report presented to the annual general meeting must specify the reimbursements of mission, travel or entertainment paid to members of the Board of Directors.

Article 12: Rules

A procedure may be established by the office which is approved by the General Assembly. This regulation is intended to regulate various elements not covered by the statutes, including those related to the administration and internal affairs of the association.

Section 13: Resources Association

The resources of the Association consist of:

  • Contributions;
  • Grants from the state, local authorities and public institutions;
  • Product demonstrations organized by them;
  • Interest and fees on goods and assets it may hold;
  • Donations of textbooks;
  • All other resources authorized by law, including the use in case of necessity, to one or more banks or private loans.
  • Sponsorship (donation resource from a third party)

Article 14: Accounting

The accounts are kept in accordance with the legal rules establishing a balance sheet, an income statement and a schedule in accordance with the accounting regulations.

Article 15: Dissolution

Dissolution may be decided that an extraordinary general meeting.

In case of dissolution, the Extraordinary General Meeting shall appoint one or more liquidators, who will be responsible for liquidating the assets of the association, and shall determine their powers.

The members can not be assigned outside the recovery of their financial contributions, movable or immovable, in any part of the assets of the association. The remaining net assets must be allocated to one or more associations with similar goals and will be designated by the extraordinary general meeting.

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