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The rules of procedure is to specify the articles of association FusionDirectory located in the Rhône and the object is defined in the statutes.

These rules is given to all members and to each new member.

Title I - Members

Article 1: composition

FusionDirectory The association is composed of the following members:

  • Honorary Members: natural person who rendered service to the association, they are exempt from dues;
  • Active: natural or legal person to date of contribution.

Article 2: contribution

The honors members do not pay dues unless they decide to discharge them of their own volition. Active members must pay an annual fee defined as follows:

  • For any natural person: 10 €
  • For anyone minor physical: 10 €
  • For any legal person (with 0 <workforce <5): 10 €
  • For any legal person (with 4 <effective <20): 50 €
  • For any legal person (with 20 <headcount <200): 200 €
  • For any entity (including headcount> 200): 1000 €

The amount of the fee is set annually by the general assembly in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Proposed schedule by members
  • Show of hands or secret ballot

The payment of the annual fee shall be established by check or bank transfer to the association and paid within one month after accession. Any contribution made to the association is definitively acquired. It can not be required for a refund of dues during the year in case of resignation, expulsion or death of a member.

Article 3: admission of new members

FusionDirectory The Association aims to welcome new members. These must be approved by at least one member of the board and accept the rules.

Article 4 exclusion

Accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 8 of the Statute, only the following cases can trigger a process of exclusion:

  • Non-participation in the association for a period of 5 years,
  • Refusal to pay the annual fee within the time prescribed by the statutes and rules of procedure
  • Proved misconduct brought to the attention of the office

This must be decided by the office after hearing the explanations of the member against whom exclusion proceedings are instituted. If the exclusion is pronounced for an appeal is permitted by Article 8 thereof.

Article 5: resignation, death, disappearance

According to the statutes, the resigning member must send in letter (single or with acknowledgment) of its decision to a member of the office. No refund of premium is due to the resigning member. In case of death, the membership goes with the person.

Title II - Operation of the association

Article 6: Board

Pursuant to Article ….. the Articles of Association, the Board aims to of …………………. It is composed of Methods of operation

Article 7: office

Pursuant to Article …… articles of association, the Office for object …………………… It is composed of Methods of operation

Article 8: Ordinary General

Pursuant to Article …… the Articles of Association, the General Meeting usually meets ……. per year at the call of. Only members …….. are allowed to participate. They are called the following procedure: ………………………. The vote is by secret ballot in a ballot box held by the Secretary Session. (Describe how the progress of the meeting).

Article 9: Extraordinary General Meeting

Pursuant to Article ….. articles of association, a special meeting may be held if ………. (Eg partial amendment of the bylaws, financial difficulties, etc..). All members are invited the following procedure: ……………………… The vote takes place on the following conditions: Voting by proxy or by correspondence is prohibited.

Title III - Miscellaneous

Article 10: change rules

The rules are established by the Office pursuant to Article 12 of the bylaws. It can change by the Bureau on a proposal from members using the following procedure:

  • Contribution to the agenda at general meetings

The new rules are available to all members on the association's website within a period of one month from the date of the change.

Version 1.0 July 25, 2011

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