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 +====== Preamble ======
 +The rules of procedure is to specify the articles of association FusionDirectory
 +located in the Rhône and the object is defined in the statutes.
 +These rules is given to all members and to each new member.
 +====== Title I - Members ======
 +===== Article 1: composition =====
 +FusionDirectory The association is composed of the following members:
 +  * Honorary Members: natural person who rendered service to the association,​ they are exempt from dues;
 +  * Active: natural or legal person to date of contribution.
 +===== Article 2: contribution ===== 
 +The honors members do not pay dues unless they decide to discharge them of their own volition.
 +Active members must pay an annual fee defined as follows:
 +  * For any natural person: 10 €
 +  * For anyone minor physical: 10 €
 +  * For any legal person (with 0 <​workforce <5): 10 €
 +  * For any legal person (with 4 <​effective <20): 50 €
 +  * For any legal person (with 20 <​headcount <200): 200 €
 +  * For any entity (including headcount>​ 200): 1000 €
 +The amount of the fee is set annually by the general assembly in accordance with the following procedure:
 +  * Proposed schedule by members
 +  * Show of hands or secret ballot
 +The payment of the annual fee shall be established by check or bank transfer to the association and paid within one month after accession.
 +Any contribution made to the association is definitively acquired. It can not be required for a refund of dues during the year in case of resignation,​ expulsion or death of a member.
 +===== Article 3: admission of new members =====
 +FusionDirectory The Association aims to welcome new members. These must be approved by at least one member of the board and accept the rules.
 +===== Article 4 exclusion ===== 
 +Accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 8 of the Statute, only the following cases can trigger a process of exclusion:
 +  * Non-participation in the association for a period of 5 years,
 +  * Refusal to pay the annual fee within the time prescribed by the statutes and rules of procedure
 +  * Proved misconduct brought to the attention of the office
 +This must be decided by the office after hearing the explanations of the member against whom exclusion proceedings are instituted.
 +If the exclusion is pronounced for an appeal is permitted by Article 8 thereof.
 +===== Article 5: resignation,​ death, disappearance =====
 +According to the statutes, the resigning member must send in letter (single or with acknowledgment) of its decision to a member of the office.
 +No refund of premium is due to the resigning member.
 +In case of death, the membership goes with the person.
 +====== Title II - Operation of the association ======
 +===== Article 6: Board =====
 +Pursuant to Article ..... the Articles of Association,​ the Board aims to
 +of ......................
 +It is composed of
 +Methods of operation
 +===== Article 7: office =====
 +Pursuant to Article ...... articles of association,​ the Office for
 +object ........................
 +It is composed of
 +Methods of operation
 +===== Article 8: Ordinary General =====
 +Pursuant to Article ...... the Articles of Association,​ the General Meeting
 +usually meets ....... per year at the call of.
 +Only members ........ are allowed to participate.
 +They are called the following procedure: ............................
 +The vote is by secret ballot in a ballot box held by the Secretary
 +(Describe how the progress of the meeting).
 +===== Article 9: Extraordinary General Meeting =====
 +Pursuant to Article ..... articles of association,​ a special meeting may be held if .......... (Eg partial amendment of the bylaws, financial difficulties,​ etc..).
 +All members are invited the following procedure: ...........................
 +The vote takes place on the following conditions:
 +Voting by proxy or by correspondence is prohibited.
 +===== Title III - Miscellaneous =====
 +==== Article 10: change rules ==== 
 +The rules are established by the Office pursuant to Article 12 of the bylaws.
 +It can change by the Bureau on a proposal from members using the following procedure:
 +  * Contribution to the agenda at general meetings
 +The new rules are available to all members on the association'​s website within a period of one month from the date of the change.
 +Version 1.0 July 25, 2011
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